Be My Guest is an online course of Russian language for beginners. the Be My Guest course will help you to communicate in Russian in everyday situation, such as staying in a hotel, getting acquainted with new people, going to a restaurant, walking in a city, etc.

Be My Guest gives you a chance to start speaking Russian within a short period of time using relatively small amounts of words.

First this course is addressed to
  • tourists using Russian as a language of communication in enlarged Europe
  • people occupied in tourism
  • hotel and restaurant staff
This section gives a short presentation of some important issues of the Russian grammar. It will help you to understand the Russian grammar as a system. Each unit gives references to particular parts of the Grammar Reference, in which the concerned language matter is presented systematically as a grammar phenomenon.
This online glossary enables you to check the meaning of all Russian words that you can encounter in the Be My Guest course.
This section contains 4 language tests (one per every three units). Taking these tests will help you to assess you progress in learning the Russian language.